The long edition


  1. Install Binance
  2. Click the profile picture from top left, switch from Binance Lite to Pro
  3. Buy BnB with local currency or exchange token for BnB

MetaMask (wallet)

  1. Install Metamask (Chrome extension)
  2. Go to setting (under the three horizontal line menu)
  3. Go to Networks
  4. Add Networks
  5. Complete Fields:

     Network name: BnB Smart Chain
     RPC Url:
     chain id: 56
     symbol: BNB
     Block explorer url:

in your wallet it should now say bnb smart chain at the top and the native token should be bnb

Adding tokens to your wallet

  1. In MetaMask, click +add tokens at the bottom
  2. click custom token
  3. paste the pixl address into the token address field

the rest of the fields should auto complete
You will now be able to see the PXL token in your wallet

Transferring BNB To MetaMask

  1. Transfer a minimum of 0.05 BNB Tokens from Binance to your Metamask Wallet address
    using the bep20 (bsc) network – remember to allow for gas fees
    Allow for a few minutes to pass whilst your tokens are being transferred
  2. You should now have BNB in your MetaMask wallet under the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network
  3. Go to the browser (under the three horizontal line menu)
  4. Go to
  5. To the right of “Exchange” click the three sliders menu and enter set the slippage to 11%
  6. In the ‘From’ field make sure BNB is selected enter the amount you would like to exchange (keep in mind gas fees)
  7. In the ‘To’ field paste the PXL contract address
  8. Complete the transaction
  9. Look in your wallet at all your PXL

if it fails make sure you have enough spare BNB to cover the transaction fees

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