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Sombra Network coin of week 4

Coin of the week


Sombra Network

Sombra Network

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We are proud to present Sombra as our coin of the week. Please find all their information below.

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Sombra is the first VFX studio & NFT Marketplace hybrid on blockchain. Dev owns VFX studio which is also partnered with Sombra for NFTs. Bonfire has done work with Paypal, Beyonce, Adidas, Coca-cola, Gucci, Tom Ford, and more.

Sombra Network and Bonfire VFX were asked in September to conceptualize, design and create over 32 unique NFTs for the NFL and Ticketmaster. These amazing top level VFX masterpieces will be attached to game tickets and dropped every week per match. This generates lots of publicity for the VFX studio and the all encompassing NFT capability Sombra Network is building to become the leader in NFT utility.

Sombra's direct business relationship with Bonfire studios creates for an NFT powerhouse that has extensive reach in acquiring talent, NFT innovation, and streamlined NFT production to bring captivating NFTs to the masses.

Sombra marketplace hosts award winning artists like Jesse Newman and Demian Gordon (VFX on Matrix and Planet of the Apes). Check them out on IMDb.