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The PIXL native app - exclusive preview

The PIXL native app - exclusive preview

Written by Alan

At PIXL coin, we’re always trying to be at the forefront of technological innovation and advancement. This naturally means that our service has to enter the world of mobile devices, and we’re proud to let you know that in 2022, that is becoming a reality. Get ready for the brand new PIXL coin app - an essential tool for PXLC investors!

What exactly is the app for, though, and how can it be used?

The native PIXL app will be the full on hub for anything related to PIXL coin. This means that investors will be able to track their investments with detailed metrics, stay updated with the happenings in crypto and receive push notifications to ensure that they never miss an important piece of news. If you use the PIXL coin app, you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to your investment, and never miss out on an important moment in the market.

In addition to being a hub for your investment, the native PIXL app will also be a place where advertisers can buy ad space, further growing the PIXL coin ecosystem and growing the reach that potential advertisers can get with the service. App users will know that they are getting advertisements from brands that they can trust, due to PIXL coin’s extensive vetting process.

The app will also be a place where users can enter competitions and play games to earn PIXL coin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, gamifying value and advertisement in a never before done way, powered by decentralised technology. That’s what PIXL coin is all about - mixing value with fun and trust.

PIXL coin’s app will be available on both iOS and Android in Q1/Q2 of 2022. Make sure to pay attention to our socials and stay tuned for more info!