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The 1Million Pixl Page

The 1Million Pixl Page

Written by Alan

Although our site may be full of fun games, PIXL coin is, and always will be at its core, an advertising business. We achieve this through our games and apps of course, but the real centerpiece of our advertising model is the 1million PIXL page. This will be a place on the internet where people can go for not just trusted information, for but entertainment and discovery of projects that they can trust.

So, what exactly is the 1million PIXL page? Put simply, it’s a page on the internet with 1,000,000 available spots for advertising. However, these won’t be just any ads - they’ll be advertising projects that our team has carefully vetted. These will be projects that have been diligently studied and our team is invested in themselves. Becoming a part of the 1million PIXL page doesn’t just require paying for ads - every project has to be carefully vetted before it’s featured, no matter the ad budget.

As an incentive for coins to apply to be featured in our Coin of the Week, all featured coins will automatically receive some free advertising space on the 1million PIXL page. PIXL coin aims to develop partnerships with many different crypto projects and to help bring investors to their platforms in a honest and truthful way.

Through actions like the 1million PIXL page, PIXL coin aims to disrupt the sea of dishonest advertisers who quickly profit from their audiences and then leave them hanging. PIXL coin aims to be around for the long run, and it aims to be a household name that can be associated with marketing and advertising great crypto projects.

Stay tuned and make sure to pay attention to our website for more information about the forthcoming 1million PIXL page!