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PixlGo... the Next Evolution of Geolocation Gaming Apps

PixlGo... the Next Evolution of Geolocation Gaming Apps

Written by Dean

PIXL is gearing up to launch its pioneering gaming app. Coinciding with the FIFA world cup, during the tournament, the Decentralized Finance project will use their dedicated geolocation feature to give those visiting various international stadiums around the globe a welcome surprise.

The app itself is called PIXLGO and will combine people’s love of retro gaming with previous geolocation favourites such as PokemonGo and Ingress. Users will be able to use Augmented Reality (AR) through their Android or IOS device’s camera to discover arcade cabinets dotted around the world. Upon locating and walking up to them, they will be able to lock in and play from a handful of fun retro-style games that PIXL have created. These include Pixl-8, a Space Invaders-esque shooter, Pixl Man, a side-scrolling platform adventure, and – in honour of the world cup – Pixl Kicks, a penalty shoot out game. Alternatively, players can use a custom feature to load countless classic arcade titles such as Pac Man and Street Fighter onto the cabinets in the form of ROMS and play the full games directly through the app, benefiting from smooth and dynamic controls. The more a player interacts with the arcade games, the more points they will accrue and by extension level up – giving them access to better cabinets and prizes.

Differing itself from the crowd, the app’s ground-breaking blockchain technology means that the arcade cabinets themselves are actually NFTs, and users have the option of either starting with a basic one, or purchasing uniquely skinned alternatives. Beyond simple cosmetic enhancements, these higher-tier options have unique attributes and actually allow the player to earn a percentage of the revenue charged to companies advertising on the app. Cabinets can be levelled up over time by interacting with the various games, as well as taking part in challenges and tournaments. The higher level a cabinet becomes, the more valuable it is, and in turn the higher percentage of revenue can be earned from the advertising pool. It also opens the option of being able to sell the cabinet itself for possibly substantial amounts on the dedicated NFT aftermarket platform, OpenSea.

PIXLGO will be fully available on both Apple and Android stores, and ready to play immediately upon download. In addition its World Cup promotion means that those taking part during the time period will have the option to earn increased points and prizes. The team also hopes that its ease and simplicity will open the door for average users to learn about NFTs as well as the possibility of earning a passive income, simply by getting out into the world and playing fun games in a fresh and original way.

PIXL go will release on Android Play stores very soon and then Apple IOS.