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The future of marketing

Decentralized advertising with advanced ROI

  • Marketing


  • Static reward


  • Buyback


PIXL fuses the world of advertising with the metaverse. In true Web 3.0 fashion, it is a fresh way for advertisers to reach a new and engaged audience. Today, the crypto space is manipulated and flooded with a vast variety of different projects of which a large number are dishonest. Through PIXL’s community and dedication to the values of transparency, honesty and integrity, this is a space for investors to interact with vetted and trusted projects, and for those projects to demonstrate and advertise their true value.

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Total Supply
1,000,000,000 PXLC
Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.
Total Holders
Updates hourly.
Total Marketcap
Updates hourly.
2% on all
2% on all
1% on all
1% on buy
3% on sell

How to buy PIXL

  1. Connect your wallet to Metamask or Trust Wallet
  2. Deposit BNB into your wallet
  3. Trust Wallet only: swap BNB to Smart Chain
  4. Go to Pancakeswap V2
  5. Select a currency and enter the PIXL contract address into the search field:

    Copied to clipboard

  6. Click the cogwheel and set the slippage to 11%
  7. Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button
  8. Confirm the transaction from Metamask or Trust Wallet


  • Launch V2 on Pancakeswap

  • Launch new website

  • Brand awareness

  • Commence marketing

  • Integrate game leaderboards

  • Release first phase PIXL NFTs

  • Release new PIXL website

  • Re-introduce Coin of the Week

  • CoinGecko listing

  • CoinMarketCap listing

  • Soft launch 1 Million PIXL Pad

  • Release additional arcade game

  • Release Android game

  • Release iOS game

  • PIXL Coin advert Telegram group

  • Project partnerships

  • PIXL Ltd company formation

  • Exchange listing

  • PIXL Coin native iOS/Android apps

  • Marketing drive

  • PIXL Rare NFT collection launch

  • PIXL NFTs for sale

Advertising and crypto are a fast moving environment and as such there will be adhoc changes to our roadmap as needed to ensure we remain relevant and effective.