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We migrated to V2 version. From Sept 6th, you can still migrate, if you didn’t



1,500+ HOLDERS

the story of how we started

“We are as transparent as possible. We don’t want to feed anyone any lies, we just want to tell the truth, tell our story and help people succeed and make this coin grow.”

PIXL provides the opportunity to bring exposure to the entire blockchain industry. We aren’t just an advertising platform. We offer the chance to work alongside the PIXL community to bring exposure to new crypto-currencies, hidden gems, crypto-businesses and more! Each time we secure new business, we will secure more investments in PIXL. This will in turn, drive the value of PIXL up and bring more exposure to our coin.

PIXL (PXL) is no longer a supported project and we discourage anybody from further purchasing of the contract 0x5b2b5bd1e5c53870fe135fb7b289d686f762858d


4% of every transaction goes into out marketing budget


1% of every transaction is redistributed to the holders.


5% distributed to the buyback wallet, used for Liquidity


Total Supply: PXLC
* we cut 6 zeros, if you got less on the swap, this is why. You got the same percentage of the total supply

Marketing: 4%
Buyback: 5%
Redistribution: 1%
Operations: 1%
Plus a penalty sell tax

Transaction for LP Locked:



Short edition – looking for the long edition of how to buy?
  1. Connect your wallet to Metamask
  2. Deposit BNB into your Wallet
  3. Go to pancakeswap here: “PancakeSwap Exchange


  4. Select a currency and enter the PIXL contract address into the search field:


  5. Click the cogwheel and set the slippage to 11%
  6. Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button.
  7. Confirm the transaction


Q3 2021
 Launch V2 on Pancakeswap
Commence marketing

Integrate game Leaderboards
Re-introduce Coin of the Week
Release additional arcade game
Release IOS/Android game
Release first phase PIXL NFTs
Coingecko listing
Brand awareness

Q4 2021
Coinmarketcap listing
Release new Pixl website
Soft launch 1million Pixl Pad
Further arcade games

Further IOS/Android Games
PixlCoin advert telegram group
PIXL Ltd company formation
Ongoing marketing
Project Partnerships
Exchange listing
More PIXL NFTs for sale

Q1 2022
PIXL native mobile App launch
Marketing Drive
PIXL Rare NFT collection launch

Q2 2022 and beyond
Advertising and crypto are a fast moving enviroment and as such there will be adhoc changes to our roadmap as needed to ensure we remain relevant and effective